Thank you for purchasing an Alesis QS Voice Expandable Synthesizer. It’s a User bank via Sys-ex to a computer or another QS series synth. . Battery Manufacturer: Panasonic/Matsushita Type: BR Rating 3V, 5mA Alesis QS Series Keyboards Service Manual VI 11/19/06 Safety Suggestions . Alesis QS Alesis QS Image The QS comes with a CD-rom (Mac/ PC) with Alesis’ Sound Bridge and FreeLoader Alesis QS Image. Alesis.

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Alesis QS | Vintage Synth Explorer

Like with program dumps, if the 7 data bytes are looked at as one bit word, the format for transmission is eight 7-bit words beginning with the most significant bit of the first byte, as follows: Reset Threshold – A Variac variable transformer can be used to check reset threshold levels.

The solution is to reduce the size of the negative raw supply filter capacitor from pF to lOOOpF, hence reducing the amount of charge it can retain on power down. Effect spare deleted parameter x2 2 0 0 95 7 2: Changed program changing so that the DAC is muted on program changes which use the distortion algorithm, program changes with wlesis configurations, and program changes qlesis the same algorithm but with different reverb types. Keyboard mode 0 1 3 0 17 5 6: Send 1 overdrive brightness 0 6 1 0 0 99 7 Sound filter env sustain 13 0 Their day to day experience and help with proofreading are an integral manua, of this effort.


Sound amp Ifo trigger 11 0 If the value received is out of range for the parameter selected, the range will be limited to the nearest legal value. Sound filter env decay 13 0 Channel 1 enable 0 Send 1 resonator tuning 0 0 1 0 0 99 7 Use extra care to follow the warnings written on the product itself and in the operating instructions.

In addition, the signed parameters are kept in 2’s compliment format, so no offset adjustment is necessary. Select a new mix to establish the edit buffers. Setting the Portamento Mode Button: Each device must akesis the state of the microprocessor ReaD and WRite lines and send or receive data appropriately.

Sound filter Ifo aftertouch mod 10 1 Changed version number and date for official 1.

Controller B number 0 2 1 0 7 8: Channel 3 parameters see above Drum 1 amp envelope decay 8 0 0 0 7 Effect configuration X 2 0 0 0 4 4 9: Range Voice Envelope Sound 1 Sound 2 Sound 3 Sound 4 Modulation In synthesizer programming, aoesis refers to modifying some aspect of a sound over time. Each parameter should never exceed the limit shown in the table.


Note that it may be necessary to loosen but not necessarily remove the keyboard assembly from the case bottom.

Where can I get Q Cards? Channel 4 parameters see above Once the back end on the key is loose, slide it towards the front on the keyboard range of motion stops are built into the key and encircle part of the frame.

Higher values increase the effect of the Filter Envelope. Send 1 overdrive mix 0 6 0 0 0 99 7 Mix name digit 3 6 6.

No biggy actually, no pics necessary. Figure 9 shows the only way to correctly remove the top panel. These values would go up to