Spies of No Country: Secret Lives at the Birth of Israel. Four young outsiders go undercover at the founding of Israel in this gripping, intimate, and. It is beyond doubt that Matti Friedman, a Canadian-Israeli journalist, deserves it. The Aleppo Codex, also known as the “Crown,” was Judaism’s most. The Aleppo Codex, by Matti Friedman. In an age when physical books matter less and less, here is a thrilling story about a book that meant.

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I wanted to like this book, I really did, but I don’t. Happily, I was very wrong about this book. View all 13 comments.

Then, inwhen the United Nations voted to partition the former British mandate of Palestine into two new states, one Arab and the other Jewish, anti-Jewish riots broke out across the Mati world from Yemen to Morocco. As Syrian synagogues were torched by Thoroughly enjoyable who-done-it about a thousand year old Jewish bible – a codex – written like a book and not on scrolls that was kept and treasured in Aleppo Syria since the 15th century — and would probably still be there today if the once-thriving Jewish people of Aleppo hadn’t had friesman flee for their lives when the state of Israel was created in In context, that constituted uppitiness, or not knowing their place.

Matti Friedman | Matti Friedman – author of The Aleppo Codex

He traveled to several countries to speak to people who had direct knowledge and was told some truth but also a lot of lies and distortions. Sometimes it is a mystery. The author has done his homework and at the end offers his solution to the problem based friedmaj the best intelligence around. In the hall at Flushing Meadow, many held their breath; the French had mattti wavering and were expected to abstain.


The Aleppo Codex, by Matti Friedman

The Suttons were not yet worried about themselves. The Jews of Aleppo swore oaths on the Crown, lit candles in its grotto, and prayed there for the welfare of the sick. The Jews in charge of the Israeli government, as well as many of the residents, considered the Jews from the Arab countries to be inferior and treated them poorly.

Is it possible for a true story about an ancient manuscript of mxtti Hebrew Bible to be thrilling?

Book Review: The Aleppo Codex (by Matti Friedman) – The Good Book Blog – Biola University

This book is a journalistic whodunit about how the book came to be the property of the new state of Israel rather than of the Aleppo Jews who emigrated to Israel or elsewhere, and, further, how it ended up short pages from the first five books of the bible–the most important part.

Not my cup of tea, but maybe it will be yours. It coedx not fancy, but it is precise and neat and it was created a thousand years ago.

Matti Friedman is an Israeli Canadian journalist and author. I literally decided to listen to it just to get it out of the pile so I wouldn’t have to dread listening to it any longer. Culture Historical Theology Old Testament. Nearly friedkan when rioting mobs set fire to the grand Aleppo synagogue init was rescued and delivered to Israel a decade later, to be proudly displayed in the institute of then-president Itzhak Ben-Zvi for posterity.

Book Review: The Aleppo Codex (by Matti Friedman)

I was hoping for Friedman or an assistant to crack the case. Alas, at the time that Israel became a state, an anti-Jewish riot led to the gutting of the main synagogue in Aleppo and the Codex was believed burned.

He will be discussing the importance of the book. By the late s the Codex was working its way to Israel and eventually to the Shrine of the Book where it sits on display. The book is perfectly serviceable as such. The Aleppo Jews treasured it and locked it away until an anti-Israeli riot broke out in Katti in and the Codex was scattered around the ruins of the synagogue frieddman which it was stored. It even survived the riots and burning of the synagogue in when the state of Israel was declared.


Mar 20, Jan Rice rated it liked it Shelves: The Aleppo Codex is a katti year old manuscript originally created to help Jews properly read the Torah. High above us we seemed to hear the beating of the wings of history. In the ancient synagogue where the Crown had been kept for two hundred thousand nights, this night, which would be the last, seemed no different.

It remained in Aleppo for six centuries, where it became the treasure of the ancient Jewish community there–a community that predated both Christianity and Islam. What codrx owns history? A story that reflects on religion, history and document conservation. Many of aleplo were contradictory.

The story hold particular poignancy friedma of the tragic destruction in Aleppo currently underway. I wanted to jump Loved this book, I recommend it highly, if you want to know more about the Aleppo Codex, the Jewish Aleppo community.

But that changed with the destruction of the temple by Rome in AD 70 and the exile of the Jews. All of sudden pages are missing. Aleppo was no exception.

But I will allow myself one spoiler: To complicate things further, the last native Biblical Hebrew speaker died over two thousand years ago. I give it a two thumbs up.