More by Ajit Mookerjee. Tantra Asana. Ajit Mookerjee. Kali: The Feminine Force. Ajit Mookerjee. from: $ The Tantric Way: Art, Science, Ritual. Ajit Mookerjee . Ajit Mookerjee, born in Bengal (British Raj) in and died in India in , was a specialist in the sacred texts of the Indian subcontinent, art curator, collector. publisher’s note In the months from September to the beginning of December , reportedly Helen 1 ACIM Text A 10 Kundalini – The Secret of Yoga.

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Kundalini: The Arousal of the Inner Energy by Ajit Mookerjee

Vision and contemplation serve as a basis for the creation of free abstract structures surpassing schematic intention. In the primary stages, the adept is given an ordinary initiation by means of an elaborate ritual, though a more 27 A group of tantrika ascetics.

Provide feedback about this page. The diagram of this idea is a circular disc within seven concentric circles or vertical currents, all of which have an ascetic simplicity indispensable for transmitting the message. Cosmograms Scattered through the annals of tantra are descriptions of the origin of the universe; its various characteristic features have been illustrated on a scale from miniatures to murals.

The Sukranitisara, a medieval Indian treatise, explains this distinction in terms of the qualities the art form represents and the corresponding emotive response it evokes. Just as a mantra is a sound equivalent, the yantra is a diagrammatic equivalent of the deity and consists of linear and spatial geometrical permutations of the deity.

Though differing in appearance, the representational and abstract patterns bear a simultaneous likeness in meaning and content. A ‘chemical pilgrimage’ is a short-lived experience initiated and prolonged by artificial means and exists isolated from life.

Sound is the reflex of form and form is the product of sound. Tantrikas have developed a systematic method whereby ‘cosmic cross-points’ are created in the relative plane, at which the individual encounters the universal noumena. Pure linear patterns are drawn lyrically to illustrate sound vibrations, or geometrically in criss-cross manner, to form a certain order of the divisions of space, measures of time and the base lines of the universe.


Usually ships within 6 to 10 days. His aim is not the discovery of the unknown but the realization of the known, for ‘What is here, is elsewhere. Thus it is clear that the tantrikas dispensed with conventional ideas of the dynamics of form, and concentrated instead on another aspect. The results of the tiny electrical potentials recorded on the electroencephalograph EEG have shown the appearance of the alpha rhythm in the brain.

Kundalini: The Arousal of the Inner Energy

The ‘a-logical immensity’ of colour is Sakti’s power-field in its pure existence when the cosmic process has reverted to entropy. Generally, they are cast in the form of instructional dialogue. In tantric hymns to the goddess Kali, she is described as ‘digambari’, garbed in space in her nakedness, she is free from all covering of illusion. aijt

All the mantras have their colour forms, and when a mantra is pronounced properly its visual correlates begin to manifest. The goddess represents the subtle element of sound by which the universe of’name’ and form’ xjit into existence. The primal abstract shapes, such as the point, line, circle, triangle, square, are harmonized in composition to provide a formal equilibrium which is both static and dynamic.

Full text of “Tantric Way., The Art Science Ritual Ajit Mookerjee”

Though it projects visual imagery in its own special manner, tantra art shares a common heritage. These accessories are not considered and ajitt according to their function in daily life but have deep spiritual significances. The impulse of desire Kamakalaborn of the inherent nature of Prakriti, creates a throb spanda which vibrates as sound nada.

A dot appearing in mookeree centre, a line intersecting a plane surface, circles in a square or simply an eye full of etherized colour, create soaring trajectories of the spirit. In the act of asana, a man and a woman unite, and jookerjee fulfilment lies in the realization of one’s potential with the experience of joy. This manifestation is represented by a point, or bindu. Their real significance lies in their function as psychic associations in the conscious mind.


As ritual enfolds the entire multiplicity of life, equally it also creates and multiplies art symbols to suit its specific context. Since we interpret infinity in finite terms we are forced to express the limitless in relative terms by creating mathematical patterns of virtual space. A very dynamic role is played by the female mookeree in the practice of tantra asana. Not conditioned by any social and ethical taboos, she enjoys freedom and detachment. If the vibrations are intensified the piles migrate towards the centre.

The Mount Mooksrjee at the axis should be identified with the centre of the inner body through which runs as axis a subtle spinal tube called “Merudanda” or “Sushumna”. When the universe reaches this state some billions of years from now all the processes of nature will cease. The creative coilings of the feminine energy, or Kundalini Sakti, and the flow of the energy current symbolically assumes the supple, undulating form of a spiral.

He awakens his inner forces 30 but at the same time maintains perfect lucidity and self-control, the resulting experience of which is neither hallucinogenic nor artificial. They are also traced in miniature, simple forms by women on their palms as auspicious signs and for protective purposes.

On the left the tantric Trinity. In the Brahmanda, ‘Brahma-Anda’, the totality is represented in the form of an egg. The Feminine Force Mar 01, This form of expression is not pursued like detached speculation to achieve aesthetic delight, but has a deeper meaning.