Biography. Nationality: United States of America. Ahmed-Zewail Ahmed Hassan Zewail was born in the town of Damanhour in Egypt in and grew up . Ahmed H. Zewail, in full Ahmed Hassan Zewail, (born February 26, , Damanhur, Egypt—died August 2, , Pasadena, California, U.S.), Egyptian- born. Read about Chemist Ahmed H. Zewail, who developed a rapid laser to a new field of physical chemistry, femtochemistry, on

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Chinese Academy of Sciences. Indian National Science Academy. Fellow of the American Physical Society. French Academy of Sciences.

Alexander von Humboldt Fellow. Egyptian scientist, known as the “father of femtochemistry”, and Nobel Prize in Chemistry recipient. The World Academy of Sciences. Zewail has been bestowed honorary degrees by the following institutions: Zewail was the author of some articles and 14 books, and was known for his effective public lectures and writings not only on science but also in global affairs.

Zewail Britannica Facts Matter. Carl Djerassi Herman Mark Angewandte Chemie International Edition. Zewail married his wife Dema Faham in Zewail 1 reference found in Britannica articles Assorted References reaction rates In chemical kinetics: California Institute of Technology.


Russian Academy of Sciences. For his seminal contributions to the study of ultrafast reactions and the understanding of transition states in chemistry, and to dynamic electron microscopy. Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions. The Caltech community deeply mourns his loss.

King Faisal Prize | Professor Ahmed H. Zewail

The New York Times. Wolf Prize in Chemistry. Wiktionary 0 entries edit. Other sites 1 entry edit.

Structure and Dynamics, ed. Pimentel Herbert S. Zewail glwiki Ahmed H. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Ahmed Zewail

These developments led to the establishment of the discipline of femtochemistry. Skip to main content. Chemical reactiona process in which one ahmef more substances, the reactants, are converted to one or more different substances, the products. Ultrafast Dynamics of the Chemical Bond Vol.

The Nobel Prizes are widely regarded qhmed the most prestigious awards given for intellectual achievement…. Optical and magnetic resonance spectra of triplet excitons and localized states in molecular crystals PhD thesis.


Wikisource 0 entries edit. Postage stamps have been issued in commemoration of his contributions to science and humanity.

Ahmed H. Zewail | American-Egyptian chemist |

Zewail also used elements of femtochemistry to invent a 4D electron microscopewith which operators were able to investigate the dynamics of atoms one billion times faster than they could with previous microscopes. Wikiversity 0 entries edit. Gray Richard N. In addition to inventing the new field femtoscience, Professor Zewail also founded the Center of Physical Biology at Caltech with the aim of deciphering the fundamental physics of chemical and biological behavior.

Aewail Zeiss Research Award. Archived from the original on 19 September In Egypt, he served in the Council of Advisors to the President. Walks of Life to the Nobel Prize. Albert Einstein World Award of Science. Leonardo da Vinci, Italian: