A. S. BYATT. The Thing in the Forest. There were once cwo little girls who saw, or believed they saw, a thing in a forest. The two little girls were. The Thing in the Forest has ratings and 8 reviews. Cecily said: The opening sentence demonstrates this is about being believed – or not“There were o. Dive deep into A. S. Byatt’s Little Black Book of Stories with extended analysis Its most disturbing fictions, “The Thing in the Forest” and “A Stone Woman,” were .

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Girl evacuees in WW2. Return to Book Page. The next day, they are sent to stay in separate places for the rest of the evacuation.

Billtitonewman rated it it was amazing Feb 18, Penny and Primrosenow adults, each turn up for a tour of the museum on the same day by pure coincidence, each fkrest that the other is there. LitCharts uses cookies to personalize our services. Download this Chart PDF.

The Thing in The Forest by A.S. Byatt by Elizabeth Eckenrode on Prezi

Physically, the girls are opposites of one another. Penny and Primrose take the train back to the city. After the evacuation, the girls return to their families, which the war has altered. Set at the onset of WWII, perhaps Byatt is saying something about what the atmosphere of imminent war does to the young who are forced to live through it. You are commenting using your Facebook account.


Themes and Colors Key. It focuses on two little girls being evacuated from the city who find themselves at a large mansion in the country. Sign In Sign Up. So she travels back to the forest.

Byatt, the author uses the elements of a short story to craft a dark, mature fairy tale that invites a fierce insatiable curiosity from the audience. After a while, when night falls, she leaves the forest.

The Thing in the Forest Symbols from LitCharts | The creators of SparkNotes

These losses destabilize each of their families, further exacerbating the transformative and destructive effects of the war on their lives. The depiction of the two main characters predisposes the audience to the pathways that each girl will eventually go down by providing an insight into the type of individuals they are.

A description next to thd book tells of the Loathly Worma giant creature that, according to legend, had terrorized the countryside around the mansion. They wonder what happened to Alys, the child who had wanted to go with them into the forest, and agree that the worm must have killed her. She hears and smells it approaching.

Finding the same spot, she waits and silently calls to the worm, which she then hears approaching. Outside of the sphere of blame or responsibility of such conflict, it is a warning that people will come away damaged.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Part of the Storycuts series, this short story was originally published in the collection Little Black Book of Stories. Seeing each other again does not make Penny and Primrose feel closer. The younger girl, Alys, is described in various ways that amount to cute, precocious and personable. As the girls settle down for the night, they further reflect on their isolation and fear.

In this way, Primrose shows that she prefers the inventions of her own imagination to the cold facts of reality. As each character returns to the sight of the horror later in their lives, their individual experiences validate the naming of each character. The thnig awkwardness of unexpected encounters, even in adulthood.

The Thing in the Forest

The story effectively unveiled a deeply powerful theme with the use of fantastical elements that succeeded in captivating the heart of the context. Penny is in a different part of the forest, trying to find the spot where she and Primrose had seen the loathly worm as children.

I read this short story for my AP English class.

Courtney Hartle rated it it was amazing Jun 30,