Yamaha Blaster YSF ATV Repair Manual. Yamaha YFS Blaster A Yamaha Blaster ATV repair manual is a book of instructions that blaster choke cable; how to change a carburetor on a yamaha. YFS Service Repair Manual (LIT) – · YFSP YFSG Parts Catalog – · YFSH Parts Catalog –

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Instead, take the machine blasterr a Yamaha dealer. Page 73 Never modify this ATV through improper installation or use of accessories. Please check your local riding laws and regulations before operating this machine.

Yamaha Blaster Parts, Service and Owner Manuals – Free Download |

Do not subject the shock absorber to an open flame or other high heat. AntecXNov 16, Use only kerosene to clean the drive chain. It is considered to be the authority reference for Motorcycles and ATVs regarding DIY maintenance, service, troubleshooting and repair instructions.

Your name or email address: If NOTE not, turn the adjusting nuts at the front Before adjusting the brake, inspect the front wheel hubs until the cable joint becomes brake shoes.

Yamaha Blaster Owners Manual (All Years)

Do you already have an account? Yamaha YFS Blaster Riding on public roads can result in collisions with other vehicles. Wait a few seconds. Frame type Steel Tube Frame Caster angle 9. Page Outside nuts and bolts 9 Retighten.

If the engine is started with the starter Position 2: Loosen the joint screws of the carburetor and remove the carburetor. Adjust blzster headlight beam if necessary.


Yamaha Blaster Manuals

Avoid wheelies and jumping. EBU Tire wear limit When the tire groove decreases to 3 mm 0. Optional main jet can be obtained at a Yamaha If the securing plate does not match a pro- dealer. Most adjusting should be left to a Yamaha deal- er who has the professional knowledge and 1. Page 94 Test your brakes after leaving the water. There is never a more important period in the 1. Although Yamaha machines receive a rigid inspection before shipment from the factory, trouble may occur during operation.

You should periodically remove and inspect the spark plug because heat and deposits will cause the spark maanual to slowly break owwners and erode. Page 8 If your ATV is traversing a sloping surface: The model label is affixed to the frame. Type Wet, multi-disk Operation Left hand operation Transmission: Open the throttle part way and gradually To start out and accelerate: Page 15 8 Always use proper procedures if yaaha stall or roll backwards when climbing a hill.

Enter 1959 code provided, create an account and you are ready to work on your vehicle. It is dirty and has some w Jan 18, Messages: Install the drain bolt and tighten to specifi- b.

Page EBU Indicates a potential hazard that could result in serious injury or death. Adjust the engine idling speed before adjusting the throttle lever free play. Page 86 If you are climbing a hill and you find that you When crossing the side of a hill: Speed limiter For riders inexperienced with this model, this Indicates a potential hazard that could result model is mamual with a speed limiter in the in serious injury or death.


CLEANING seepage and deterioration of wheel bearings, Frequent, thorough cleaning of your machine brakes, transmission seals and electrical will not only enhance its appearance but will devices.

Remove filler cap and drain bolt to drain 1. May 27, Messages: This machine is designed to carry operator only – passengers prohibited. Yamaha Fast Shipping, Easy Returns. Failure to follow WARNING instructions could result in severe injury or death to the machine operator, a bystander or a person inspecting or repairing the machine.

EBU Rear shock absorber adjustment Never attempt to turn the adjuster beyond The spring preload can be adjusted to suit the the maximum or minimum setting. Operating with improperly adjusted 1. Shift the transmission into neutral. Do not ride the ATV if you find Your Yamaha engine has been designed to use any problem with the brakes.

Type Yamalube 2-cycle oil or air cooled 2-stroke engine oil Quantity 1. The plug-in works best with Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Lithium soap base grease Throttle Override System Riding with a malfunction increases the chance for an accident and injury.

Page 92 Avoid hills with excessively slippery or loose surfaces. EBU Rear Wheel removal 1.